Warhammer 40,000
Warhammer 40,000 or simply Warhammer 40K is a miniature-based tabletop game. It involves building and painting your own miniature army and pit them against others' on a dioramic 6x4 or 4x4 feet table using a standardized set of game rules. Miniature armies come in various factions, from Imperial commandos to space-faring orks, each with its own background stories (what 40K players call "fluff") and combat units.

My army, a sub-faction of the Adeptus Astartes or the Space Marines, is of the so-called Dark Angels Chapter - one of thousands of regiments of bio-enhanced supersoldiers created by the Emperor of Man to impose his will throughout the grim universe of the 41st millennium.

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Dark Angels of the Adeptus Astartes
The Dark Angels Chapter is first among legions of Space Marines bred by the Emperor from his own genetic imprints. Enhanced physiologically for combat operations, they are literally Angels of Death in the battlefield, sowing fear to anyone who dared oppose their mandate. Their homeworld, Caliban - now reduced to a barren asteroid after an epic battle against their traitorous Brothers - holds the Chapter's mobile fortress-monastery called the Tower of Angels. Here, deep within the labyrinthine pathways to the underground caverns, lies the key to their monastic nature. The Dark Angels hides a millenia-long secret that compromised their honor. It is with this reason that they and their Successor Chapters are called the Unforgiven.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

My Army Lists

As to keep track of the armies and army lists that I have played with, I will update this entry from time to time.

Because my army lists vary according to the available models I have or the nature of the game I will play, I'll just showcase here the army lists that, in one way or another, have been significant on my gaming experience.

Updated as of: 7/25/2008

Click on the army names to view the actual list.

Brothers of Death Chapter (2000 pts)

Army Type: Space Marines (Minor Divergence Chapter)

This is the army list that I've played with on the Kolat Cup last October 15. Contrary to what I commonly use to play - which is my Dark Angels - , this is a Codex-divergent vanilla list. Being unable to reach 2000 points by my miniatures alone during that time, I borrowed Abe's (Demomarines) Ultramarines models to boost my army composition. Using our combined figs, I came up with this army and capitalized on the trait "Honour your wargear" to stack up as much warm bodies as I could on the composition. This army is a mock up of De la Salle (Dark Angels' green) and Ateneo (Ultramarines' blue) teaming up. Hehe.


Strike Force Phantom Wing - Glad Cup Config (2000 pts)

Army Type: Space Marines (Dark Angels Successor Chapter)

As of now, this is the most viable 2000pt Dark Angels list that I could muster with my miniatures, and so I'll be using this configuration for the month-long Gladiator Cup. My first game with this army was on last Wednesday (October 26).


Thunderstorm Brigade (500 pts)

Army Type: Royal Cygnaran Army (Warmachine)

This is my current Warmachine army config. Headed by Major Darnell "Ohm" Atreides - Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo's loyal protégée and confidant, the theme of the army revolves around the Cygnarites' technological prowess in manipulating lightning current. And so, all of the models in this army, from warjacks to independent spellcasters, are capable of offensive electric attack.


Kabal of the Jagged Blade - Oakwood Campaign Config (500 pts)

Army Type: Dark Eldars

This is my second 40K army and I'll be using it for the coming mini campaign here in Makati. It will be a break for me from using Space Marines armies since I started in the hobby. The campaign will be called "The Battle for Oakwood" and it'll be using the Rules of Engagement (ROE) scenarios. From previous experiences with ROE, I know that it'll be advantageous to have a mobile army; that's primarily why I will try to play Dark Eldars.


Strike Force Phantom Wing - Glad Cup 2006 Config (2000 pts)

Army Type: Space Marines (Dark Angels Successor Chapter)

This list is my ideal competitive Dark Angels army. Ideally, I will be using this config for the upcoming Gladiator Cup 2006. A variation of this list substitutes a Vindicator to the Whirlwind for a more threatening firebase defense. I'm currently just a lascannon tactical squad away to complete this army.


Death Disciples - 40K Grand Tournament 2008 Config (1750 pts)

Army Type: Space Marines (Minor Divergence Chapter)

Last hurrah for the Space Marines Codex before the new one for the incoming 5th Edition rules will come out. If ever, this is only the first time I will be able to play on a GT after having spent four years in the hobby already. This list is my typical static-firebase favorite.


Deathwatch - 40K Grand Tournament 2012 (1500 pts)

Army Type: Space Marines (Primary), Dark Angels (Ally)

My first formal tournament using the 6th Edition rules. I used Codex: Space Marines as primary detachment and took Belial and his Deathwing terminators as allied contingent. It is noticeable that the list is heavy on Troops choices since most Missions on the tournament are objective based.

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Gladiator Cup 2005 (Game 1)

Current Tourney Points: 17

I won against Justin (O'Shavah) and his Chaos Undivided army yesterday.

Results are as follows:

Mission 1: Lunar Engagement
Location: NG-G2

I chose for what table quarter to deploy.
He deployed first.
I had the first turn.

Obi (1540 pts)
- this includes the 200pts bonus for capturing a quarter.
Tourney Pointage:
+14 (for winning)
+1 (for reducing his troops model below half)
+1 (for destroying all his Elites choices)
+1 (for destroying all his Fast Attack choices)

Justin (922 pts)
- this includes the 200pts bonus for capturing a quarter.
Tourney Pointage:
+6 (for losing)
+1 (for eliminating 1 HQ slot)

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Gladiator Cup 2005 for 40K

*taken from the RHCG forums*

The Gladiator Tournament - Store Champions - League Tournament

Each store or outlet must have at least 8 registered players. A player may only register one army list per store, but he may register in as many stores as he wants.

Participating stores are NG Galleria, NG Glorietta, NG Alabang, Hobby Haven, and Pitshop.

Each store will only have one champion. The store champion is determined by the number of games he has won and/or points accumulated.

Each store champion will compete for a knock-out system for the title of "Gladiator".

Gladiator is a month long win-as-many-points-as-you-can tournament encompassing different shops with a minimum gaming pointage of 2000pts. The registration fee for a player per shop in the tournament is 500Php.

A minimum pointage of 2000pts is needed to play in the Gladiator tournament, but if both players agree, they can play at 2500pts or even at 3000pts. 3000pts games will be composed of two detachments of 1500pts, but they must be of the same faction, chapter, etc... All lists (2000/2500/3000pts) must be submitted upon registration.

All RHGC house rules will be implemented.

SHAK APPROVED rules and lists are legal.

During the regular games, these will be implemented; standard force organization, no army comp score, no sportmanship score, no painting scores, proxies are not allowed. Special Characters are allowed as long it does not need opponents consent.

Tournament proper:
Each player must play 7 games in 4 weeks.

Each player must play against a different opponent for the 7 games. A player may choose to play against the same player only once more during the entire 4 weeks but only if his opponent agrees to the rematch. A player is entitled to only one rematch.

Each player may only play a MAXIMUM of 7 games. He has the option of playing any number of games in any given week until he completes his 7 games total but each player MUST play at least 1 game during the first week.

week 1 is from Oct 31- Nov 6
week 2 is from Nov 7- Nov 13
week 3 is from Nov 14- Nov 20
week 4 is from Nov 21- Nov 27

Match-ups will be done by the event coordinator.

If you get a match-up, contact your opponent and try to agree on how many points you would want to play.

We will use the following scoring system.
Win = 14 points
Draw = 10 points
Lose = 6 points

If a player destroys any of his opponent's HQ choices, he will recieve +1 point eg: if a player fielded 2 HQ units, and both are destroyed, then his opponent will receive +1 point for each unit destroyed, which, in this case, is +2 points.

If a player manages to reduce his opponent's troop models (transport options not included) to below half of its total original number, he will recieve +1 point eg: if a player starts the game with a total of 30 marines, and they were reduced to 14, his opponent will recieve the bonus.

If a player manages to fully destroy ALL of his opponent's Elites, Heavy Support or Fast Attack options, he gains +1 point PER full option destroyed eg: if a player destroys his opponent's 3 Land Speeder Squadrons which comprise his opponent's Fast Attack options, the player will gain the bonus.

If a player wins by massacre (none of his opponent's units are left on the table), he gains an additional +1 point.

ALL POINTS BONUSES ARE CUMULATIVE eg: if a player kills an HQ and destroys all of his opponent's Heavy Support choices, then he will gain +2 points bonus (yes a massacre will result in a staggering amount of bonuses...at least +6 points).

The highest score for all 7 games will be declared the Store Champion.

All store champions will move to the final match of the Gladiator Tournament.

The Gladiator Finals:
2000pts for 40K. Knock out system. You lose, you're out!

The winner of the 40K Gladiator Cup will get a Wood Elves Battalion Box and the WFB Gladiator Champion will get a Tyranid's Battleforce, if the player is a registered RHGC member he may upgrade his Battalion Box into an Army Deal if he beats the event coordinator. Event Coordinators are Ian "Kim" Navarro for WFB and Arvin Tan for 40K.

Further updates will be posted. The stores that will participate in Gladiator will be annouced at a later date. Registration will start on October 5.

Missions for Warhammer 40K Gladiator Cup:
***Week 1 Mission: Lunar Engagement
Scenario Special Rules: This mission uses modified armor saves (as ammended below), modified movement (as ammended below) Victory Points and Infiltrators

1) Divide the board into four quarters. Both players roll a dice, the player with the highest score may pick which quarter to deploy in. The other player's deployment zone is the opposite quarter.

2) The player that scored the lowest now deploys one unit in his quarter of the board. His opponent then deploys a unit in his deployment zone. The players take it in turns deploying a unit at a time until both forces are on the table.

No unit may be deployed within 18" of the enemy (note that this means that a 18" move WILL NOT reach the enemy and 18" range weapons will initially be out of range). Players must deploy their units in the following order: Heavy Support, Troops, Elites, HQ and finally Fast Attack units.

3) Roll for who gets first turn. Highest score may choose whether to go first or second.

Modified Armor Saves: Due to the threat of explosive decompression, the slightest hit from enemy fire may cause even Power Armour to be breached. To represent this, all armour saves are reduced by 1 eg; carapace armor which normally confers a 4+ armor save becomes 5+ instead.

Modified Movement: Before the game begins, roll a 1D6, on a result of 1, players fight in a high gravity environ, all non-skimmer/flyer movement is reduced by 1D6 and treat everything as difficult terrain. On a D6 roll of 6, players have a low gravity battlefield, to represent this, all movement is +1D6.

Mission Objective: Both Forces are seeking to clear the enemy from the area, securing ground as they go. This is achieved by controlling table quarters. To claim a table quarter, there must be NO scoring enemy units and at least one scoring unit of your own in the quarter. A unit can only occupy one table quarter - if it is spread over more than one quarter, roll randomly to see which it is in. A table quarter is worth +200pts.

Game Length: the game last for six turnsLine of retreat: Troops which are forced to fall back will do so towards the nearest board edge of their deployment zone, following the normal fall back rules.

***Week 2 Mission: Modified Recon

Scenario Special Rules: Deep Strike, Infiltrators and Victory Points

1) Both players roll a dice, the winner chooses which of the long table edges to deploy in.His opponent gets the opposite deployment zone, so both forces start along opposite long board edges.

2) Starting with the player that scored lowest, the players take it in turns deploying a unit at a time in their deployment zone, until all their available models are on the tabletop. No unit may be deployed within 24" of the enemy (note that this means that a 24'" move WILL NOT reach the enemy and 24" range weapons will initially be out of range) or more than 15" from their own long table edge. Players must deploy their units in the following order - Heavy Support first, Troops, Elites, HQ and finally Fast Attack.

3) Roll a D6. Highest score may choose whether to go first or second.

Mission Objective: Both players must attempt to get units into the enemy deployment zone and overrun their lines and maybe take out unattended heavy artillery. Victory points are awarded for each scoring unit in the enemy deployment zone. The deployment zones extend 15" from the long table edges. +300pts is awarded to a player if he is able to destroy or wipe out his opponent's most expensive Heavy Support choice. In case the opponent does not have any Heavy Support units then no bonus points are awarded.

Game length: The game lasts for six turns

Line of retreat: Troops which are forced to fall back will do so towards the long board edge of their deployment zone, using the normal fall back rules.

***Week 3 Mission: Strongpoint Attack and Assassination

Attacker's Overview: You are to launch a surprise attack an enemy strongpoint and eliminate it before enemy reserves can react. You have also been ordered to take out the commanding enemy officer as a secondary objective.

Defender's Overview: Your forces are holding a well defended strongpoint. Your task is to guard the strongpoint and hold off any enemy attack until reserves can move up to support you.

Scenario Special Rules: Strongpoint Attack missions use the Deep Strike, Fortifications, Infiltrators, Obstacles, Reserves, Sentries and Victory Points special rules.

1) Each player rolls a dice. The winner chooses a long board edge and chooses whether to be attacker or defender (unless an army special rule overrides this such as the Dark Eldar)

.2) Mark a 24" square area central to the defender's edge of the board, this is the defender's deployment zone.

3) The defender may position fortifications in his deployment zone, forming the strongpoint. He MUST include at least one bunker in his defences.

4) The defender positions his sentries. These are placed within 18" of the outside of his deployment zone. The number of sentires varies on the defending army.

5) The defender places his obstacles. They may be placed anywhere on the tabletop up to 18" away from the defender's deployment zone.

6) The defender deploys any of his HQ, Troops or Heavy Support units in the deployment zone. He does not have to deploy them all, but he must deploy at least one unit. The defender must deploy his HQ. Any units not deployed are in reserve.

7) If the attacker has any infiltrators then they may be deployed anywhere outside the defender's deployment zone. Other units must be placed 18" away from the defender's deployment zone. And forces not deployed at the start are in reserve.

8) The attacker gets first turn.

Orks: 12 Gretchin (Initiative 2)
Imperial Guard: 10 Guardsmen (Initiative 3)
Alien Hunters, Witch Hunters: 8 Inquisitorial Storm Troopers (Initiative 3) or 6 Sisters of Battle (Initiative 3, Witch Hunters only)
Deamonhunters: 8 Inquisitorial Storm Troopers Initiative 3) or 5 Grey Knights (Initiative 4)Tyranids: 8 Termagants (Initiative 4)
Eldar: 8 Guardians (Initiative 4)
Space Marines: 6 Space Marines (Initiative 4)
Note: Chapters such as the Space Wolves with improved initiative due to Acute Senses only use 4 Space Marines as sentries.
Chaos Space Marines: 6 Chaos Space Marines (Initiative 4)
Dark Eldar: 6 Dark Eldar Warriors (Initiative 5)
Necrons: 10 Necron Warriors (Initiative 2)
Tau: Either 6 Gun Drones (Initiative 4) or 8 Kroot (Initiative 3)
Lost and the Damned: Either 10 Traitors (Initiative 3) or 10 Mutants (Initiative 3)

*Check respective codices for those not listed above or updates on the more recent codex*

Reserves: When the defender's reserves arrive, they move on from the defender's board edge. The attacker's reserves move on from any of the other board edges.

Mission Objectives: The attacker must crush the defenders and take out the enemy HQ, gaining +200 victory points for each bunker destroyed and +400pts for eliminating the defender's HQ. In the case of armies with more than 1 HQ selection, during deployment nominate which HQ will be the "target".

The defender needs to hold out until his reserves arrive and gains +200 victory points for each bunker occupied by his troops when the raid is over. Subsequently he gains +400pts if his HQ is still alive when the raid is over.

Game Length: The game lasts for four turns after the alarm has been raised.Line of retreat: Troops which are forced to fall back will do so towards their board edge by the shortest route possible, using the normal fall back rules.

***Week 4 Mission: Pitched Battle

Overview: You are operating under a general order to not only engage and destroy the enemy where you find them but to secure the ground ahead, pushing on if possible to draw in enemy reserves. This is your chance to show your commanders you are worthy of independent command by winning a decisive victory.

Scenario Special Rules: Dusk & Dawn, Reserves and Deep Strike (see below for qualification), Infiltrators and Victory Points.

1) Both players roll a D6, re-roll ties, winner chooses which long table edge is their base edge, loser takes the opposite long table edge. The winner deploys the first unit, both players then alternate placing units. Units are placed in the sequence Heavy Support, Troops, Elites, HQ and Fast Attack.

2) Units may deploy up to 18" from their table edge but cannot deploy within 24" of the enemy (note that this means that a 24" move WILL NOT reach the enemy and 24" range weapons will initially be out of range)

3) After all units are set up, infiltrators are deployed. Roll dice to determine who places all their infiltrators first.

4) After deployment, roll a D6. On a 1 the first game turn is played with the Night Fighting rules in effect; on a 6, the last game turn is played with the Night Fighting rules in effect.

Reserves: Elite and Fast Attack selections on the force organisation chart may be held in reserve. Reserves eligible to do so may arrive using Deep Strike rules or by moving on conventionally, arriving anywhere on their side's base edge. The owning player should make a note before deployment specifying which units are starting in reserve and whether they will arrive by Deep Strike or not. No other units may begin in reserve. Drop Pods and Mycetic Spores may not be used.

Mission Objective: In addition to counting victory points conventionally during the game, both players score points for controlling table quarters.

Divide a table into four quarters, to claim a table quarter, there must be NO scoring enemy units and at least one scoring unit of your own in the quarter. A unit can only occupy one table quarter - if it is spread over more than one quarter, roll randomly to see which it is in. A table quarter is worth +200pts.

Game Length: Pitched battle lasts for six turns

Line of retreat: Any unit forced to fall back will head for the nearest point on their side's long table edge using the normal fall back rules.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Deific Fury

Last Saturday in UP-CFA, I was able to - finally! - create conversion works for my Rhino which was converted into a Vindicator. That would be my second one, although I'm not inclining into using both on a list. Not that they look cheezy but I just prefer having two Dev Squads instead.

The day and the Vindicator conversion went like this:

- After assembling the Rhino chassis (front hull excluded), I saw a 1-inch diameter PVC pipe down to 3 and a half inch long.
- Using a dremel tool (thanks Arvin!), I filed down one side of the pipe to demolisher cannon-standard.

*Bloodless rummaged on my bit box and "emerged" with an old Rhino dozer blade.*
*Emp pitted his Cryxian turkeys against Jun's Cygnarite land mines. Jun won, I think.*
*IPMS Boys busied themselves watching videos of scale modelling, stand-up comedies, and insane Japanese clips (?!?)*
*I played ball with a kid on the workshop's mini basketball area*
*Attendance: Junster, Pork the Ork, Sheriff Garrick, Bloodless, Emp, Chilli Arvin, Mark Lim, and who else were there?? Gawd, I'm getting senile. Anyway....*
*Saw this scratch-built lightsaber with a neon orange blade done by one of the IPMS members. Astig and I was listening to them when somebody asked how much is the price of asking him to build another one... LIMANG DAANG PISO LANG. Wow. Paul, I need FOUR of that!! Quick! Ask him, ask him!!
*Food: Kakarampot na fish cracker, isang container na choco wafer stick, Chilli Arvin's Spicy Boy Bawang, and standard ration of grape juice. No fishballs that day... it was sembreak until next month.*
*We went to the Shak afterwards*

- At the Shak, Paul drilled a hole on the Rhino's front hull for the "demolisher cannon". It was situated on the left portion of the tank, exactly where there's a depression on the lower armour trims.
- After inserting the PVC pipe through the hole, the angle of the cannon was too pointing too high. Johnny leveled it down by slightly trimming the perimeter of the hole with a sandpaper, and it was a perfect fit afterwards!
- We spend a couple of minutes more staring at the ex-Rhino. Arvin was able to salvage an Ork bit - an armored window panel, and it fitted cooL on the untouched right side of the Rhino front hull. The next part was to fix the drilled left part of the Rhino.

I didn't attach the demolisher cannon and the front hull yet but when I do, iL just do putty "tapal" works and small-time plasticard cutting stuffs to hide and "pimp" the front armor and the cannon attachments.

Thanks to the Shak Boyz for the assistance!


Yesterday, I went to Greenhills with, again, the nobz from the Shak to hunt for modelling tools. I was able to buy a file set, a side cutter, and a Nikko Flat Black acrylic primer. Later that day after watching "Doom", I bought two cans of Dark Angels Green spray. That'L sure help a lot for my pending painting projects of three tanks and an incoming Dreadnought MK4 from Forge World, which I ordered from Sit Lito's Forge World Run.


I saw this blister in NG-Galle which contains an old but very nifty Space Marine fig. It has no label as to what exactly that Space Marine is (but it has a Power Fist and a bolter so probably it's a Sergeant) and it even has no price. For the meantime, I had it reserved for me because they still have to verify how much it is. Im'a takin it! =)


Oh by the way, our resident Tech Adeptus suggested that the newly refurbished Vindicator Assault Tank be named "Deific Fury".

So in this day, I shall baptize it as such.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

40K in 40 Minutes

Had quick 40K in 40 min (FNF) games with Gelo and Justin (O'Shavah) yesterday in NG - Glorietta 2. We started around 6:30pm and ended 8:30pm, playing 4 games in that night alone. We were using Gelo's "Rules of Engagement" mission scenarios and it was fun! No victory points... just accomplish your objective (which is by the way different from your enemy's) and/or thwart your opponent's.

I used this list for my games:

Dark Angels - 400pts (FNF)
Phantom Wing Recon Team

Captain (power weapon, bolt pistol, frags, terminator honour *DA mandatory... duh!*) - 97 pts
Tac Squad (3 in bolters, 1 in missile launcher, 1 flamer, 1 sergeant in bp/ccw) - 106 pts
Dev Squad (3 bolters, 2 missile launchers) - 115 pts
Ravenwing Land Speeder Tornado (assault cannon, heavy bolter) - 80 pts

And the results were:

1. Gelo (Badbeef) - Lost and the Damned
Mission: Hold the Line

My Ravenwing Land Speeder shredded heretic guts as it tore through Gelo's lines. Why aim for the objective if you can simply destroy the entire opposition. Result: Win

2. Justin (O'Shavah) - Chaos Undivided
Mission: Hold the Line

His mission was Lightning Raid which means he should run towards my deployment zone ala Recon. He had no choice. With his force composed of three Chaos squads and an Aspiring Champ, he must only footslog it off to my side of the table. Deploying his troops amassed on the flank, I only had my men stand the line and shower em dakka as they charge forward. I nearly had one squad flee but "nearly" was not just enough. Short of firepower against power armoured nemeses, they eventually overran my lines during the last turns, securing a win by objective. Result: LOSER!

3. Gelo - Lost and the Damned
Mission - Hold Out

Gelo learned his lessons from the first game. This time, he went with the subtler approach, scooting off his tainted Sentinels and mutants hidden behind area terrains. Already settled on my marker accomplishing my own objective, I now have only one more aim at hand - prevent him to attain his objective to secure my win. When I was starting to charge towards his line, he set up his mutants behind 4+ cover and bring forth Chimera dakka towards my way. The overwhelming odds of going hand-to-hand against a number of mutants and running the gauntlet amidst Imperial rounds prevented me to reach his lines as he hid behind strategic pathway to secure his mission. In the end, it was a deadlock. Result: Draw

Before my third game, Romy (BataIsip) arrived while Gelo and Justin were playing. Gelo won that match as Justin had errs on his deployment. Not bad for a rookie 40K player though. I suck "bigger" time than him during my first games with my army. Roe (matt_atknsn) arrived from NG-Galleria before I ended my last game with Gelo, and gave me two more missile launcher Marines. Ika nga sa tindahan... lista muna! Hehe.

I love bazookas!

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Kolat Cup 2005

Here's the list I used for last Saturday's Kolat Cup.

Brothers of Death (Space Marines - Minor Divergence: "Honour your wargear")

Codicier in Jump Pack (force weapon & pistol) - Fury of the Ancients
2 Devastator Squads (4 missile launcher config)
3 Tactical Squads (2 8-man strong with lascannon-plasmagun, 1 with missile launcher-meltagun)
Attack Bike Squad (3-bike strong in heavy bolter)
Landspeeder Tornado Squad (2-landspeeder strong)
Assault Squad (9-man strong with Veteran Sergeant in power fist)
Predator Annihilator (lascannon sponsons)
Whirlwind (vengeance missiles)

Here are my matches:

1. Donnel - 13th Company Spacewolves
Mission: Patrol

I managed to hold his bikes and tactical squads at bay during the start of the battle by sheer fire power but his wolf pack (blood-thirsty as they fleet like hell!) and HQ choices were able to overwhelm my corner at the final turns. Result: Draw

2. Ian (Beefcake) - Imperial Guards
Mission: Escalating Engagement

My deployment roll sucked as my dev squads and tac squads dogpiled on the right flank! All for the taking of Ian's ordnance plates! Where's the Emperor when you need him?!? My assault squad rushed up the right flank to close against the Guards' armoured behemoth to no avail. A single demolisher cannon shot decimated my leaping squad to a single Veteran Sergeant! What's worse to boot was my day's badluck of rolls concentrated on that single game! How 'bout two AP rolls of 1 when all I needed is a two to at least glance his Sentinels as an example?? Anyway, it was my first try against a Guard army and I've had enough dose of lessons learned... do not underestimate the armoured fury of the Emperor's Hammer!! Result: Loser

3. Paul (Pork) - Orkz
Mission: Ambush

I played Attacker as it was most likely the most favorable part for my stand-and-shoot army. Besides, my Librarian's psychic power complimented the Attackers linnear deployment. As it was a Divided Force deployment for me, I halved my army into the fast group (mainly composed of my Fast choices) and the shooty group (composed of my tac squads and dev squads). Pork have chosen the fast group to deploy. The shooty group will deploy as Reserves. The first few turns sucked for me big time as his Battle Wagon turned invincible and zoomed towards the escape edge unharmed! At last by the middle of the game, I was able to decimate the humongous construct of scrap metal... mere 3-inches away to freedom! The trophy-studded Warbozz was able to get out of the wreck alive, clawing his way towards the escape route. Three war trukk zoomed in on the flank ignoring my Predator out for the hunt. Guided by their barbaric Orkk Godz perhaps, I only managed to destroy a single wartrukk as two of em kicked dirt towards liberty. The rest of the Orkz was out of the question as they barely reached my lines footslogging amidst holy bolter rounds and blessed Imperial ammunitions. Result: Draw

Lucky me, I was able to play against two of the best painted armies on the cup... Pork's and Donnell's. Such an inspiration to push me back to my painting works.

Congrats to Art (Omegatron) and his Iron Warriors for winning the cup bagging home PHP10K and a Forge World Dreadnought Drop Pod!

Congrats to Jun (Falin) and his neat Tau army for winning the Best Painted Army and a Forge World Deathwind Drop Pod!

Thanks goes to Arvin (CrispyBeefRibs) for organizing the game and Sir Lito (Oberon) for the uhmm... sumptuous treat!

Thanks, lastly, to Abe (Demomarines) for lending me his Ultramarines for the extra oomph to construct my army! Thanks dude!

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Righteous and the Damned

Had a game with Gelo (Badbeef) yesterday at NG-G2, and I'm using the same army list as I used last Saturday in UP Diliman.

It was a draw. The mission was Recon - Omega and gawd Gelo's Legion of the Damned favors escalation! Luckily, I was able to make two of his "leaping" mutant squads flee while decimating the other to ashes. All because of the sheer firepower of my Devastator Squads.

Unfortunately, my attack bike squadron was set aflame by a trio of Obliterators. They were my only hope to reach the enemy lines. Well, aside from my landspeeders which in that time would rather be more useful thinning down heretics than exposing itself just to zoom in to the objective.

In short, I was able to hold my lines against Gelo's tide but was incapable to contest for the objective. In the end, after computing Victory Points, Gelo just needed a mere 3 points to win! Hehe... I barely grabbed the draw.

Next stop: Kolat Cup!

Brothers of Death, prepare to battle!

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

UP-CFA Invasion

Yesterday I went to the IPMS build sessions for the third time, and these were the fast facts:

1. I had a 2000 point Warhammer 40K game against Emcee's 13th Company Spacewolves. The mission was "Take and Hold - Alpha" and the result was a draw. This time I reconfigured my vanilla Marines army's Chapter trait. I used a Minor Divergence scheme with the traits "Honour you wargear" and that disadvantage where an army may not take any allies.

My army list was something like this:

Codicier in Jump Pack (force weapon & pistol)
2 Devastator Squads (4 missile launcher config)
3 Tactical Squads (8-man strong with lascannon-meltagun, plasma cannon-plasmagun, and heavy bolter-plasmagun weapons respectively)
Attack Bike Squad (3-bike strong in heavy bolter)
Landspeeder Tornado Squad (2-landspeeder strong)
Assault Squad (9-man strong with Veteran Sergeant in power fist)
Predator Annihilator (lascannon sponsons)
Whirlwind (vengeance missiles)

2. Emp, Kim, Pol, and Romy were on the other table playing Warmachine. Romy's Menite Battleforce looked cool and their power ominous. I used to like em until I thought about the concept of what Jun coined as a "tesla"-powered Cygnar Battleforce.

3. Speaking of tesla coils, it was a stormy day and there's this lightning that struck not so very far from the UP-CFA shak. Hair-raising experience! Literally. =)

4. Thanks to Sigis for the hotdog sandwiches and sio-meows! =) And kudos to Arvin's chili con carne concoction! Astig. I was seeing a business venture in the future named Chili Arvin's! =)

5. That night we hanged out at the Shak before goin home at around 11pm. There's this Darth Vader helmet there that speaks several Vader-quoatables from a control/speaker box. Asteg.


This morning I finished assemblying a missile launcher Marine, a lascannon Marine that I bought last Saturday when we were waiting for the UP attendees, my Predator Annihilator, and my Librarian (converted from Cypher).

I also was able to continue painting my plasmagun Marines and file flashes from the Chaplain I bought last Friday. Last friday, I also bought a pot of Shining Gold in preparation for my starting to work on my primed Stormclad.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Deathwing Squad Rhinocera

My Deathwing Squad project was finally finished after being done painting their sergeant. I colored their bases Codex Gray to highlight their Bleached Bone finish. I was also able to base my remaining two bikes which for a couple of months now was "baseless" as I was short of cavalry bases to boot.


Already assembled Stormgald and it was now ready for black spraybombing. iL post some pics once I had em uploaded in my PC.

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Monday, October 03, 2005

My First 2000 Point Game

I went to UP last Saturday for another build session with the IPMS guys... and err some ladies.

Instead of working with my figs though, I had a 2000 pt game against Arvin's all-infantry Iron Hands army. That served to test my "supposed" infantry-based Kolat Cup list. And yeah, I'll try to pull tricks using a vanilla Marines army for the tournament. That's the reason why I borrowed Demo's Ultramarines. With our joined minis, I was able to hoarde up to 60+ warm-blooded Marines in all for my planned list.

I was toying with the Chapter traits and deciding what would work well for a majority infantry list, and for last Saturday I tried using a "Notable Divergence" composition. Under the "Courageous" trait, I used "Seen but don't be seen" and "Trust your battle-brothers", giving my three 10-man tac squads the infiltrate and true grit skills. My major drawback was "Flesh over Steel" which will not be much of a disadvantage since I have 2 10-man dev squads as Heavy choices instead of using tanks. My dev squads were infiltrating too.

The thing is the last Saturday's game was an Escalating Engagement mission, and I havent got the chance to use my infiltrators. Much more, they have to slog it towards the enemy lines. I couldn't have just stood within my lines since all of Arvin's tac squads have heavy weapons and could afford to shoot me from a distance unlike mines which solely depended on infiltration and such was only packed with flamers and meltaguns. That's one thing I should keep in mind now... "do not rely on plan A... it's meant to be doomed". =)

Well, I lose but the game served its purpose very well. I should look for some other traits now to exploit.


Before our game, Arvin was also able to defeat Paul's Ork Hoarde.

Jun was working on this very cool looking Daemon.


With fishballs, kikiam, and that bread and cheese just around the corner, I'm starting to really like the place

Sa Saturday ulit!

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