Warhammer 40,000
Warhammer 40,000 or simply Warhammer 40K is a miniature-based tabletop game. It involves building and painting your own miniature army and pit them against others' on a dioramic 6x4 or 4x4 feet table using a standardized set of game rules. Miniature armies come in various factions, from Imperial commandos to space-faring orks, each with its own background stories (what 40K players call "fluff") and combat units.

My army, a sub-faction of the Adeptus Astartes or the Space Marines, is of the so-called Dark Angels Chapter - one of thousands of regiments of bio-enhanced supersoldiers created by the Emperor of Man to impose his will throughout the grim universe of the 41st millennium.

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Dark Angels of the Adeptus Astartes
The Dark Angels Chapter is first among legions of Space Marines bred by the Emperor from his own genetic imprints. Enhanced physiologically for combat operations, they are literally Angels of Death in the battlefield, sowing fear to anyone who dared oppose their mandate. Their homeworld, Caliban - now reduced to a barren asteroid after an epic battle against their traitorous Brothers - holds the Chapter's mobile fortress-monastery called the Tower of Angels. Here, deep within the labyrinthine pathways to the underground caverns, lies the key to their monastic nature. The Dark Angels hides a millenia-long secret that compromised their honor. It is with this reason that they and their Successor Chapters are called the Unforgiven.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Updates: The Hobby Front

What's happening on the hobby front?

* "Shadows of the Warp" 40K Tournament kicked off last Tuesday (September 14) and will run for I think 4 more Tuesdays at the Battle Bunker. Hosted by Oberon, this 500-pt. tournament is organized to introduce newbies into the 40K gaming scene. There's a good mix of newbies and vets in attendance so it's a success from that point of view.

* Currently painting a squad of Deathwing Assault Terminators. I'm halfway through 3 models, 2 more to go!

* Bought 2 Landraider Godhammers and a Crusader. This should complete my "Ironwing" list.

* On the pipeline: Predator, Landraider, and have to repaint my Land Speeders and Attack Bikes, only then I can proceed to my Ork army lot!

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