Warhammer 40,000
Warhammer 40,000 or simply Warhammer 40K is a miniature-based tabletop game. It involves building and painting your own miniature army and pit them against others' on a dioramic 6x4 or 4x4 feet table using a standardized set of game rules. Miniature armies come in various factions, from Imperial commandos to space-faring orks, each with its own background stories (what 40K players call "fluff") and combat units.

My army, a sub-faction of the Adeptus Astartes or the Space Marines, is of the so-called Dark Angels Chapter - one of thousands of regiments of bio-enhanced supersoldiers created by the Emperor of Man to impose his will throughout the grim universe of the 41st millennium.

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Dark Angels of the Adeptus Astartes
The Dark Angels Chapter is first among legions of Space Marines bred by the Emperor from his own genetic imprints. Enhanced physiologically for combat operations, they are literally Angels of Death in the battlefield, sowing fear to anyone who dared oppose their mandate. Their homeworld, Caliban - now reduced to a barren asteroid after an epic battle against their traitorous Brothers - holds the Chapter's mobile fortress-monastery called the Tower of Angels. Here, deep within the labyrinthine pathways to the underground caverns, lies the key to their monastic nature. The Dark Angels hides a millenia-long secret that compromised their honor. It is with this reason that they and their Successor Chapters are called the Unforgiven.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sydney Battle Bunker

At last, I was able to step afoot to an authentic Games Workshop store! It was here, at the Sydney Battle Bunker in Clarence Street, Sydney!

I still have to see the branch in Chatswood which is closer to where I stay in Artarmon.

I grabbed two latest copy of White Dwarf and a Tau Piranha for Garrboy and Jun, respectively. I still need to buy a couple more stuffs for the boyz back in Manila, of course while watching out for my credit line.

I brought with me my Warmachine army though and I'm looking forward to finishing painting em here.

I'm thinking to play Tau now too. I still have to think about it, so maybe iL just sell my Dark Eldar army to give way to it.

While talking with a staff there in GW, I was able to have some "inside" information:

GW Sniper Scouts will be here by June, City of Death and Eldar codices will sure be out this year, Ork models will come out but no "concrete" confirmation if it will be just to support the City of Death codex or for a revamped Ork codex, and Dark Angels Codex will not be out until early January.

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Black Saturday Bloodbath

What happened last Holy Week?

April 13
Dropped at the Shak with my playable 500pt Warmachine army. The guys took turn into beating my Senior Citizen warcaster Commander Adept Tandang Nemo!

Three losses in a row against Kim, Emp, and Pork. Awk! Intayin niyo si Thunderhead!!

I also watched Kim play with my Cygnaran list... keeping down notes on how to exploit their strengths to new level. Have to make a mental note to abuse Chain Lightning on my next games.

April 14
Continued painting my Stromblades. If the Sydney flight will continue, I'll bring my Cygnaran army for painting there.

April 15
Black Saturday Bloodbath! 1000pt 40K tournament by Arvin. Pitshop revisited. Mang cleaned the cobwebs of the place for re-abuse of the boyz!

Army list limited to 1 HQ, 2 Elites, 6 Troops, 2 Fast Attacks, and 2 Heavy Support. I used my Dark Angels army with a jump-packed Chaplain and his 8-strong Assault Squad, 2 minimized troop squads with lascannon, a squad of Speeder Tornadoes, and 2 slots of missile-launching Devastator Squads.

I got two wins and a lose at the end of the game.

Had a Warmachine game against Joel's Cryx but was unfinished as the boyz' guts protested for more grub.

Roster: Joel Tiongson, Arvin and friends, Garrik, Lito, Jeff Yu, Fred Buhok, Fred Manyak, Pork, Jake, Mang, Timberwolf, Francis Ravenguard, EJ, Emp, Kuneho, Zeb, sino pa ba??

April 16
Continued painting the Stormblades. Thunderhead partly assembled and ready for a game. Hah!!

***Updated the Battle Lists link in my sideboard to accommodate my game results last weekend.

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Buy and Sell

I was able to sell my Predator, Forge World Dreadnought, and the Vindicator.

I finally have the Thunderhead and Commander Adept Nemo figs.

Currently, I was able to clean both figs and also, I was starting to assemble and prime black the remaining Stormblades.

On with the painting, mate!


Last Sunday, I played with Adrian again at Hobby Haven in Katipunan. This time I used a medium-friendly list. Hehe. Again, I lost but that bids good I think to let the newbie feel the game for now. I've updated the links at "The Workshop" sidebar to display the changes herein.

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