Warhammer 40,000
Warhammer 40,000 or simply Warhammer 40K is a miniature-based tabletop game. It involves building and painting your own miniature army and pit them against others' on a dioramic 6x4 or 4x4 feet table using a standardized set of game rules. Miniature armies come in various factions, from Imperial commandos to space-faring orks, each with its own background stories (what 40K players call "fluff") and combat units.

My army, a sub-faction of the Adeptus Astartes or the Space Marines, is of the so-called Dark Angels Chapter - one of thousands of regiments of bio-enhanced supersoldiers created by the Emperor of Man to impose his will throughout the grim universe of the 41st millennium.

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Dark Angels of the Adeptus Astartes
The Dark Angels Chapter is first among legions of Space Marines bred by the Emperor from his own genetic imprints. Enhanced physiologically for combat operations, they are literally Angels of Death in the battlefield, sowing fear to anyone who dared oppose their mandate. Their homeworld, Caliban - now reduced to a barren asteroid after an epic battle against their traitorous Brothers - holds the Chapter's mobile fortress-monastery called the Tower of Angels. Here, deep within the labyrinthine pathways to the underground caverns, lies the key to their monastic nature. The Dark Angels hides a millenia-long secret that compromised their honor. It is with this reason that they and their Successor Chapters are called the Unforgiven.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

40K Mini Tourney Reports

Warhammer 40k Tournament

Participants will score points in the following five categories:

• Gameplay
• Sportsmanship
• Army Composition
• Theme
• Painting


• Gameplay points will make up 50% of the Overall Score
• Participants will play five missions decided as per this pack
• Points will be awarded as follows:

Major Victory 17 points
Minor Victory 13 points
Draw 10 points
Minor Loss 7 points
Major Loss 3 points

• Participants will be matched using modified Swiss Style Draw. The First Round pairings will be determined by the Umpire, utilising whatever arcane methods he devises.


• Sportsmanship points will make up 15% of the Overall Score
• The system will be peer-based with participants being given a checklist on which to grade opponents


• Composition points will make up 20% of the Overall Score
• ALL Armies start with 20 points (all penalties are cumulative)

Total spent on HQ characters >10% of army total - Minus 1
Total spent on HQ characters >12% of army total – Minus 1
Total spent on HQ characters >15% of army total – Minus 1
Total spent on HQ characters >18% of army total – Minus 1
Each 2% (or part of) spent on HQ over 20% - Minus 1
Each 2% (or part thereof) spent on Elites over 20% - Minus 1
Each 2% (or part thereof) spent on Troops less than 40% - Minus 1
Each 2% (or part thereof) spent on Fast Attack over 20% - Minus 1
Each 2% (or part thereof) spent on Heavy Support over 20% - Minus 1
Each FO "slot" spent on Elites, Fast Attack and Heavy Support over 5 – Minus 1
Each duplicate unit that is not a Troops choice – Minus 1
Each vehicle/unit beyond 1 with front Armour Value of 13 or more – Minus 1

This will leave you with a score out of 20 points.

***Army Variations

Black Templars ignore Emperor's Champ for Army Comp Scoring
Space Wolves ignore penalties for spending more than 10% on HQ characters but incur total HQ penalties as above.
Retinues count as Elite slot (but as HQ points)

Where army can add a slot (e.g IW with Heavy Support) by reducing another slot (IW Fast Attack) percentages are adjusted by 5% accordingly. In the case of IW the Heavy Support threshold is raised to 25% while Fast Attack is reduced to 10%.

If you believe that your army is a special case and deserves some special dispensation based on a viable and coherent theme then you may make a special plea to the Umpire. However the Umpire reserves the right to laugh openly at your pathetic attempts to garner special advantage and reject your argument outright.


• Theme makes up 5% of the Overall Score and will be marked by the Umpire.
• The Umpire is suggesting that you put together a short paragraph or a few bullet points that allow you to explain your theme and army.


• Painting Points will make up 10% of the Overall Score
• The Umpire will mark armies over the course of the event. He will be looking for overall effect in presentation. This means things such as unit markings, uniformity across army (if applicable), as well as technical skill.
• Please remember that to participate, your army must be fully painted. Models that are unpainted or undercoated will not be accepted at the event.


Armies are chosen using a slightly modified force organisation chart. All FO choices except Troops will be decreased by 1 (e.g. 1 HQ, 2 Elites, 6 Troops, 2 Fast Attack, 2 Heavy Support). No more than 1000 points. Special Characters can be used as long as they can be used in 1000 point armies. Imperial Armour vehicles and units can be used but you must provide the relevant sections of the book when you submit your list. Each player must have the relevant books regarding his units/army played.

The existing Codex for all 40k armies will be utilised. All participants need to check out the Codex updates on Games Workshop’s website (www.gamesworkshop.com) and be aware of specific rules that make armies playable under 4th Edition. Any Chapter Approved lists that have appeared in White Dwarf up to and including Jan 2007 will be allowable.

Models MUST be WYSIWYG. No proxies will be allowed (e.g. Mega-armoured Nobs standing-in as Chaos Obliterators).

Lists to be with the Umpire on a date TBA. Excel, Word, Army Builder or IAL are acceptable formats via email. Alternatively legible handwritten lists will be accepted. Any lists submitted after this date will be accepted; however they will incur a 3 point per game points penalty (Moral: Don’t submit a late list).


Each player is required to bring two objective markers. These must be mounted on round 40mm bases. They will be used in all games.


Terrain will be a mix of Area Terrain (of various heights) plus non-area (WYSIWYG) terrain. Each piece will be defined by the Umpire prior to the first game and marked accordingly. Be aware, there may be variety between tables and you should consider that when formulating your army. Every attempt will be made to ensure that no player plays more than one game on an individual table. If this does occur then the Umpire will reset the terrain.

It would be greatly appreciated that those participants that have terrain bring it along and make it available to the Umpire for use in the competition.


To determine deployment zones, both players should roll a die and add the two results together to find the total, and then consult the Deployment chart. Once the type of deployment zone has been determined, each player rolls a die and the player with the highest roll may choose which deployment zone to set up in.


Each player takes turns placing their objective markers. Each player rolls a die to determine who places a single marker first, with the winner getting to choose first or second placement. Each player must place one objective marker within their deployment zone and one in the No Man's Land outside both deployment zones. These objective markers must be farther than 6" from any table edge, and no closer than 18" to another objective marker. The players alternate deploying their objective markers until all four of them are placed. After all markers have been placed, each player rolls a Scatter dice for their markers, on a 'hit' result the marker will remain where it was placed, otherwise roll a single dice for the number of inches the marker scatters. Note that markers may scatter out of deployment zones and may end up within 18" of each other after they scatter. Players should keep in mind that you will be randomly determining (explained below) which, if any, of the objective markers you will need to control to win the game. Placement of markers is crucial, as you may end up defending the markers you place, and likewise you may be assaulting the enemy's. It would be wise to place markers in a position where they cannot be easily captured by the enemy, but could potentially be defended by you.


Many of the scenarios used, require you and/or your opponent to control various objective markers at the end of the game. To control an objective you must have more models than the enemy within 3" of the objective (measured from the exact centre of the marker) at the end of the game. Models who are broken or falling back may not be counted for the purpose of controlling objectives. Non-transport vehicles with a base front Armour Value of 12 or more count as two models for the purpose of controlling objective markers. Multi-wound models such as Ork Nobs, Eldar Wraithlords, and Space Marine Commanders still count as a single model for this purpose. Additionally, any unit that specifically states that it may not hold table quarters or objectives (such as Nurglings) obviously cannot control an objective marker.


After terrain and objective markers are set up, it is time to determine what your orders are. Each army will have orders from their high command detailing what their purpose on the battlefield will be. These may or may not be the same as the enemy and may or may not affect what your enemy does during the game. Each player should roll two dice, add the results, and consult the Scenario table to determine their mission. Both players should tell each other which mission they rolled. In addition to the basic objectives needed to achieve victory, the mission you roll may also offer additional rules, such as Infiltrate or Deep Strike, that are in effect for your army. Since each player rolls separately, any special rules for their mission apply ONLY to their army and not their opponent's force. This means that one army may have the ability to use deep striking units such as Terminators, while the other army may only have the option of infiltrators or no special rules at all. These rules are detailed in the Mission chart.

In addition, one of the players will roll a die. On a roll of 5+ Escalation as per the Universal Special Rules will be in effect. This will affect both players.


All games have a fixed length of six turns. Exceptions are armies that may vary game length (e.g. Salamanders)


The player who won the dice roll for choosing deployment zones must place a unit first. Players alternate deploying a single unit/vehicle in the following order: Heavy Support, Troops, Elite, HQ, and Fast Attack until both sides are setup. If the mission allows, infiltrators are placed last as per the Universal Special Rules. If allowed, units that Deep Strike may be held in reserve as per their normal rules. After all the units have been set up each player rolls a single dice, the player with the highest roll may choose whether they want to go first or second.


If one side completes all of their objectives while the opposing player has achieved half or none of theirs, then the game is a major victory. If one side completes half of their objectives while the opposing player has achieved none of theirs, then the game is a minor victory. If both players have achieved either all, half, or none of their objectives, then the game is considered a draw.



Each player rolls two dice and consults the table below to determine their army's mission and victory conditions.

2D6 Mission
2 Assassinate
3 Sabotage
4 Lightning Raid
5 Foothold
6 Hold Out
7 Firebase
8 Bridgehead
9 Rescue
10 Unconventional Warfare
11 Hold the Line
12 Bombardment

Your army has been given strict orders to assassinate the enemy command in order to cause disarray and hopefully rout the opposing army.
Objective 1: You must destroy the enemy general. If a player has more than one HQ choice that may act as the general, they must nominate before the game which model is their general.
Objective 2: You must control any one enemy objective marker.
Special Rules: Deep Strike, Infiltrate

Equipped with explosives, your army has been tasked with the thankless job of sabotaging enemy objectives, be they fuel dumps, ammunition tenders, or monoliths to the dark gods.
Objective: You must destroy both enemy objective markers in close combat. Every non-vehicle infantry unit carries the charges for this task but you can only use them to destroy enemy objective markers. To destroy an objective, you must end your movement in base-to-base contact with it and spend your entire assault phase doing nothing other than setting the charges. At the end of your assault phase, the objective is destroyed. The destroyed objective marker may not be controlled by either side and should be removed from the table after the assault phase.
Special Rules: Infiltrate

By concentrating your attack, you hope to push through the enemy lines and strike deep in enemy territory.
Objective 1: You must have two units above 50%, or two mobile vehicles, in the enemy deployment zone at the end of the game.
Objective 2: You must control any one enemy objective marker.
Special Rules: Deep Strike; Infiltrate

Orders are clear: secure a path through the enemy lines in this sector so that reinforcements may break through and carry the battle to the enemy.
Objective: You must control both enemy objective markers.
Special Rules: Deep Strike; Infiltrate

Your army finds itself pinned down by suppressing fire. As the opposing force approaches, you hope to simply hold out long enough for fresh reinforcements.
Objective: You must control both of your own objective markers.
Special Rules: Deep Strike

Often during the heat of battle, exact and precise orders are impossible to follow. Finding yourself under the heel of the enemy, you strive to take whatever land you can during the ensuing combat.
Objective: You must control any two objective markers.
Special Rules: None

Your army has been tasked with securing a foothold on this territory. By controlling this bridgehead, you hope to provide a clear route to allow the rest of your forces through to assault the enemy.
Objective 1: You must control any one of your objective markers
Objective 2: You must control any one of the enemy objective markers.
Special Rules: Infiltrate

Your army has been ordered to rescue a vital military item from the battlefield. This could be a wounded soldier, military documents, or intelligence. Whatever the item may be, you must secure it and ensure its safe extraction from the battlefield.
Objective 1: You must rescue one strategic military item. To rescue the item, any non-vehicle unit in your army must spend one full Movement phase in base to base with an enemy objective to recover the data, gather information, etc. Once this has been achieved the item is considered 'rescued'.
Objective 2: You must control any one of your own objective markers.
Special Rules: Infiltrate

Contact with high command has been broken. Your exact orders may or may not have been determined correctly. Without further contact, you find yourself forced to work with the last intelligible message you received, praying that the mission is somehow a success.
Objective: You must control two randomly determined objective markers to win the game. Randomise by numbering the markers one to four then rolling a dice. On a roll of a 5 or a 6 you may choose which of the objective markers to control.
Special Rules: Deep Strike

The enemy is pushing into your territory. You hope to stop their advance in order to prevent further attacks.
Objective 1: You must have more friendly units than enemy units in your own deployment zone at the end of the game.
Objective 2: You must control one of your own objective markers.
Special Rules: None

You have your opponent pinned down. The distant support weapons of your heavy artillery rain a constant hail of high explosive death upon the beleaguered enemy. The pure definition of war lies before you, grind your opponent into the dirt.
Objective 1: You must reduce all enemy units to under 50%.
Objective 2: You must control one of your own objective markers.
Special Rules: Preliminary Bombardment



after the dust has settled and the rubbles cleared, a victor roused among the ruins...

...si Omegatron na naman!?!

Congrats Koya Art for bagging home the top spot!!


RHGC Attendance: Oberon, Fluffy, Crispybeefribs, Neokensei, FarseerEkek, Tads... who else passed by?


Here's a breakdown of the results and the overall score:
1. Omegatron (Art) - 81.5
2. Shrumster (JP) - 72.7
3. Falin (Jun) - 72.3
4. BataIsip21 (Romy) - 70.7
5. Rurouni (Owen) - 70.4
6. O'Shavah (Justin) - 61.3
7. Badbeef (Gelo) - 56.4
8. Sigismund (Joseph) - 55.8
9. Casval (Adrian) - 54.2
10. Timberwolf (Dick) - 50.1
11. Beefcake (Ian) - 41


Quick Facts:

Highest Gameplay points: 71 (41.7 out of 50%) ...Omegatron
Highest Sportsmanship score: 11.1 out of 15% ...BataIsip21 and Shrumster
Highest Painting score: 10 out of 10% ...Shrumster


Apparently, since a good 50% of the overall score was not dedicated to gameplay alone, the painting and sportsmanship scores have played a critical part on making the points differences despite the factor of gameplay results.

Lessons learned:
Four games would be enough.
Bring food.
Take photos of (pretty) onlookers.


Thanks to Oberon and Rolling Hills Gaming Club for all the support!

Thanks to Neutral Grounds for the tables, terrains, and game space!

Thanks to Crispybeefribs (rules & guidelines) and Neokensei (OC painting judge)!

Thanks BataIsip21 for the camera! Upload em pics soon.

Thanks to the tourney players for participating and support!

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

40K Mini Tourney and WW16

Weekday Warrior Session Sixteen

Da Boyz: Bozz Oberon, Grot Obi, Romi Baynte Uno, Webboy Kim, Krispi Arvz, Aspiring Champion Lunar, Elendril on Stockings

Da Grub: mikdonelds... lots!

Da Hubbub:

Obi (Dark Angels) vs Lito (Witch Hunters)
Take and Hold - Alpha

*i focused deploying deep down the middle of my zone and aimed all my dakka on whoever dared cross the open center of the board (where the objective marker is)
*Lito crept slowly towards the objective that nothing much happened on the first three turns except me destroying his Exorcist and some exchange of insignificant firepower
*on the following turns, he decided to push towards the middle. i was able to take down a mob of Zealots and squads of Battle Sisters with focused fire and ganged up assault
*however, his MVP Callidus Assasin grogged a whole Devastator Squad before being left out in the open... free for another round of focused firing on my turn
*the Assasin sent her last prayers to the Emperor as i did my dakka hail... to much waste awk! 2 lascannon tacsquads, a Devastator Squad, and a Sniper Scout squad were all that costed me to just kill that model. the inevitable last turns jinx made my day game again!
*daring not to think about the last turn jinx, i spent my last turn pushing everything towards the middle for an attempt to capture the objective. i could at least contest it with three units against his squad of Penitent Engines, Battle Sisters, and a Seraphim Squad.
*i could have won actually but the jinx strikes again... 12 Assault Cannon shots and 9 Heavy Bolter rounds from the Ravenwing Speeder Squadron failed to decimate two armour 11, open-topped Penitent Engines! araguy!
*Lito's last turn was a no brainer, he made short work on my exposed Speeders for the win

Result: Lito won!!!

Me... playing "zoom zoom" with my Ravenwing Landspeeder model


This coming Saturday, I'll be organizing a Warhammer 40K mini tourney in Neutral Grounds - Galleria. Five game, Swiss type with "Rules of Engagement" scenario generation will be in effect for the entire tournament. Arvin decided to toss in an army computation regulation to make the battle more "interesting".

Our aim on this kind of tournaments is to showcase the hobby back to the "public" so interested hobbyists and players would be informed on starting with the Warhammer system of miniature gaming. With it in mind, we restricted it to a small contingent of 1000 points worth of army - everything should be painted down to details. This will also encourage us, as players, to finish painting our armies as appropriate.

As of now, we already have twelve confirmed players with an interesting mix of armies:

Romy (Dark Eldars)
Owen (Witch Hunters)
Jun (Tau Empire)
Kim (Necrons)
Dick (Space Wolves)
Justin (Iron Warriors)
Art (Space Wolves)
JP (Imperial Guards)
Gelo (Lost and the Damned)
Sigis (Black Templars)
Adrian (Space Marines)
Ian (World Eaters)

Top dawg will snatch any Band J worth of store credit from Neutral Grounds. Entrance fee is at PHP150.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Weekday Warrior Sessions and Some

Weekday Warrior Sessions 14 and 15 have passed.

I lost on three consecutive games, two of which are Gladiator Cup official battles. I've already updated my Battle Statistics link at the upper right menu of this blog for a more specific look at the details.

I still have to match against Lito (Witch Hunters), Romy (Emperor's Children), and maybe Ronald (Space Wolves) to finish the league.


Currently, on my workbench...

*several Space Marines on missile launcher
*Scout Snipers on assembly line painting
*finished pimping my tanks (Vindicator and Whirlwind), awaiting to be primed and basecoated... maybe iL commission one of the Shak boyz to do airbrush this for me


Here's a fully painted sample of my Scout Sniper...

(photo by BataIsip21)

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Never forgive! Never forget!