Warhammer 40,000
Warhammer 40,000 or simply Warhammer 40K is a miniature-based tabletop game. It involves building and painting your own miniature army and pit them against others' on a dioramic 6x4 or 4x4 feet table using a standardized set of game rules. Miniature armies come in various factions, from Imperial commandos to space-faring orks, each with its own background stories (what 40K players call "fluff") and combat units.

My army, a sub-faction of the Adeptus Astartes or the Space Marines, is of the so-called Dark Angels Chapter - one of thousands of regiments of bio-enhanced supersoldiers created by the Emperor of Man to impose his will throughout the grim universe of the 41st millennium.

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Dark Angels of the Adeptus Astartes
The Dark Angels Chapter is first among legions of Space Marines bred by the Emperor from his own genetic imprints. Enhanced physiologically for combat operations, they are literally Angels of Death in the battlefield, sowing fear to anyone who dared oppose their mandate. Their homeworld, Caliban - now reduced to a barren asteroid after an epic battle against their traitorous Brothers - holds the Chapter's mobile fortress-monastery called the Tower of Angels. Here, deep within the labyrinthine pathways to the underground caverns, lies the key to their monastic nature. The Dark Angels hides a millenia-long secret that compromised their honor. It is with this reason that they and their Successor Chapters are called the Unforgiven.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Turning Pansy

Yesterday, I formally bought Troy's armies for five kesoses.

That's a painted Dark Eldar battleforce with Wyches and Scourges, and an Eldar battleforce.

Including lotsa Imperial Guards and Orks bits, paint pots, and other Warhammer thingamabobs, I got a very cooL deal indeed. Thanks Troy!

Some of the Eldars stuffs will eventually be sold to Jacob. I'm not into expanding the Dark Eldar army anytime soon... or maybe not at all (we'll see). I just wanted to have a workable 500pt army other than my Dark Angels to play every weekday sessions at Glorietta 2.

Also, I'm already done painting the last Ravenwing Landspeeder Tornado I have.

I've updated the links in my sidebar to comprise these new changes.

Eldar (gurly men)
Dark Eldar (bad gurly men)


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Friday, January 27, 2006

Pizza! Pizza! Hear All About It!

Last Wednesday's rosters of warriors in NG-G2: Me, Gelo, Justin, Jeff (imp_jep), Dex, and their UPLB friend.

I won all three 500pt games of the night: one against Gelo and (surprisingly) his Alpha Legion Chaos Marines, and twice against Justin, who borrowed Gelo's army. Check the link to "My Game Statistics" for detailed results of the game.

Justin dropped by with a box of pizza, while Jeff gave us lucky Tikoys! Thanks dudes! Sana dumami pa ang katulad nyo!!

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Quicky Games at the CFA

I played 500-point games for 40K and Fantasy last Saturday at the UP College of Fine Arts.

First game was a Fantasy "Pitched Battle" against Emp and his Skaven ratmen. It was a vermin hunt for my grub-frenzy Orc boyz (yes, they will munch even on em stinkin rodents). But skirmishers proved to be a pain in the arse in small games like this as they kept on out-manouvering me and i just can't put em within charge-range. He managed to decimate one regiment of my boyz while he lost a tunneling team as they popped out of the table. Hee hee. We need to polish more on our grasp of the Fantasy rules though.

Second game was a 40K "Rules of Engagement Scenario" against Gelo and the forces of the Chaos Legion of the Damned. Random roll for table deployment resulted on the diagonal setup which favored me a lot since it'L make his travel to my deployment area longer. He needs to make that travel and land 2 scoring units in my line since his random mission roll resulted on a "Lightning Raid". On the other hand, my roll resulted to an "Assasination" mission, which simply meant I have to kill his HQ choice. In the end, however, overwhelming numbers ruled as I wasn't able to whittle down his mutants. Adding to the injury was that my Landspeeder got shot down early on the game. My Marines were able to hold them off for a couple of turns though so it became a decisive game up until the last turn, where his Chimera rushed to my deployment area as the 2nd scoring unit to clinch the win.

Check my "Battle List" link for a detailed spec of the game.

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Back to UP

It's back to UP-CFA for me for my first build session of the year!

It's Warmachine day as the boyz brought their Iron Kingdom armies to action. I pitted my Royal Cygnarian Army against the foul beasts of Emp's Cryxian Warband and Kim's Khador Brigade.

I upgraded my "Game Statistics" link regarding both games. I lose on both by the way. I guess I need to be wary on my approach next time because on all of my games so far I have been playing the blind charge tactic against the opponents and pray that enough of my men will pass through the defenses for the kill. Can't blame me though. Most my models can only shoot at 6 inches on average but they are killers on close-combat so I need to close the gap with the enemy as soon as possible.

Commander Adept Nemo is sooo cool as a Warcaster. I'm starting to maximize his capability and I can't wait how it will complement the skills of a Thunderhead warjack. The Thunderhead model I ordered is on the way this month by the way. I just can't wait.

All of my Warmachine figs were already primed black and I had this talk with Kim last Saturday regarding alternate colors for a Cygnar Army. That's after deciding that "blue" just don't appeal much to me and my painting skills. In the end, it was a choice from two: the Fort Faulk colors (gray and bright yellow) or the alternative color discussed in the Prime book (black with golden trims). I still have to decide yet.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Too Fast Too Furious Games

Had two 500-point games yesterday with Gelo (badbeef) and his Legion of the Damned army... both resulted to a draw.

In the first game, there's no unit left on the table after exactly six turns! On the bottom of the sixth turn, Gelo's clawed biker HQ faced off mano y mano with my Brother-Captain resulting on a two-way epic death as both simultaneously hit on Initiative 5.

The second game was quite different when Gelo used a shooty list composed of three armored units (2 Sentinels in Autocannons and a Chimera). I was able to eliminate the walkers early in the game with my only armored unit... the Ravenwing Tornado Landspeeder. However, after its demise on the third turn, the tide shifted and I have to bring the fight to them in order to recapture victory points. In the end, I was able to eliminate one flank of the traitor scum but his Chimera and a squad was able to go home unscathed. It was a victory points draw.

The games were quick and very relaxing.

I've updated my Battle Stats to record these games.

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Monday, January 02, 2006

My First WFB Game

I had my first Warhammer Fantasy Battles game last Friday in Galleria against Clarence's Vampire Counts army!

Of course, I was using my newly amassed Waagh!!!

Great and informative game, I must say. He's got lots of powerful mages that kept on piling the battlefield with undeads to tie down my boyz! My savage gitz were able to give one mage a good bashing but the rest of my army were either fleeing or tied down by numerous zombies on the last turn.

Here's a rough rundown of the list I used:

Hoard of Bigboss Parkkan Middafinga
2000 pts.

Orc Bigboss (Drog's Armor)
20 Big 'Uns (2 weapons, Command)

Orc Shaman (Level 2, Dispel)
Night Gobbo Shaman (Level 1, Dispel)

20 Night Gobbos (Spears, Shields)
2 Fanatics

25 Orc Boys (2 weapons, Command)
20 Savage Boys (Choppas, Warpaint, Command)

5 Wolf Riders (Spears, Musician)
5 Wolf Riders (Short Bows, Musician)

10 Boar Boys (Spears, Shields, War Banner, Boss)
10 Boar Boys (Spears, Shields, Boss)

2 Orc Chariots

3 Trolls
2 Ogre Leadbelchers (DOW)

Models in Army: 126
Total: 1994 pts.

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